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hindsight is always 20/20   Leave a comment

So you know when you look back at something in your life and you are really happy that things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to originally? Yeah.


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i don’t get it   Leave a comment

So I dont get twitter and all the facebooking and all that. I mean I know what they are but why does everyone spend so much time doing it? Especially with their close group of friends. They are either AIM or something like that and facebook and twittering all at the same time and doing it on their phones. You’re already on your phone retard if you got something to say just send a text. They whole world doesn’t need to know you almost tripped while walking because you were fucking around on your phone and still are and about to get hit by a 16 year old teeny bopper in her mom’s benz doing the same thing. I said my piece.

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just for the hell of it.   Leave a comment

If I had a girlfriend I’d totally sing this song to her and try to emulate the voice as best as possible because it’s definitely one of the best parts of the song. The best part is how the guy looks compared to how he sounds. But the words are totally bullshit. We all hurt each other. Know that all too well. It’s nice to pretend though!! BTW this video has over 25 million views on youtube. Hot.

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voices   Leave a comment

So lately at work I swear I’ve been hearing my name coming from somewhere around me. Not at my kiosk but around the vicinity. And when I ask anyone else if they heard it they say no. So either their is a conspiracy to make me think I’m going crazy or I am actually finally losing it. I always thought I would eventually go nuts and I guess this is what it feels like. I expected more.

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2 days off   Leave a comment

I have 2 days off in a row! So excite! I’ll finally get to do lots of skateboarding and exercising to be less fat. I have managed over the last few days to work on my first shirt stencil. I have to do a test run for the mom jeans graphic but the words should be good to go. My sexiness shall reign supreme.

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private eyes   Leave a comment

If you aren’t listening to The Bird and the Bee’s album of Hall and Oates covers Interpreting the Masters Vol. 1 then you are missing out on so much in life. Seriously.

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fatter   Leave a comment

So I’m now super obsessive about my weight.  I’m fat.  Not everyone agrees but I don’t really care. I used to be 30 lbs fatter and I realize I have no pictures of that time!  I want to look back so I feel better about myself.  Since I have no reference now it makes me feel even fatter.  I can’t wait to exercise tomorrow.

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