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Okay, is it me or does anyone else think it’s weird to complain about the weather?  I mean as long as it’s within the normally occurring spectrum of your particular climate why are you complaining? It’s getting hot during the summer time?? Well no fucking shit that’s what happens in the summer!! It’s like people in the desert complaining that it’s hot all the time.  No shit.  It’s the desert. Here in the bay area I admit it’s been an unusually mild summer, so commenting on the lack of heat is understandable.  But it was bound to hit 100 at some point.  It does every year for a week or so.  And guess what? This year is no different.  Why are you complaining! It’s the damn summer. You should be happy you aren’t sweating your testicles or chesticles off this summer. I’m enjoying my last dry heat summer until I jump back into the sauna that is the east coast. Find something awesome to complain about like the lack of polar bear attacks on tea party retards.  That’s something to complain about.


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So I’ve never liked wine.  I haven’t exactly hated it or anything just couldn’t handle the taste.  Well I think my friend Leah has some kind of wine drinking powers because all of a sudden I like it.  But I’ve only been drinking it around her and she could possibly be using a Sith sorceress Force spell on me.  At a wedding we went to for Nads in March I drank a bottle and a half.  That started it.  I drank half a bottle last week and tonight I had 3 different types of red and sparkling as well.  I’m not supposed to be drinking right now so I can lose more weight but since Leah isn’t in town much I said fuck it.  It’s just grape juice infused with good time awesomeness right?

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So I quit my job today!! I wish i could give a 2 week notice but it was more like a 6 week notice since my last day will be October 1st.  Then it’s back to NY for me!! To make myself feel better I’m going to take a week and a half off though in the middle of sept for a so cal/AZ trip.  Its actually the first vacation I’ve taken while working at Nordstrom’s. I’m awesome because I’m taking it in my last month there.  But I earned it since I worked a whole year without taking anything more than 3 off in a row. I win!

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Sometimes I think I just enjoy my humor too much. I’ll say something and think it’s just the most hilarious thing ever. I guess no one loves me like I do!

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So I think if there is something wrong internally with you there should be a distinct pain to go along with whatever organ or body part is being effected. Like if you have a colon problem it should be like you have to take a mega dump or your spleen should have some kind of spleeny pain.  I don’t know what spleens are for but you get the picture.  Just saying.  I’m talking to you, Jesus.

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I’m not drinking any alcohol because I need to lose more weight.  It sucks. A lot.

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Kids, please. The tights/leggings thing is dead. Put on some real pants or shorts or skirt or whatever. Move on please.

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