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So as weird as this may sound, it will be about 29x easier for me to move back to ny than is it for me to move 5 miles in the same city. I literally have almost all of the clothes i’m going to take in one hamper. I could easily fit all my clothes in my smaller suitcase(a nice bonus from losing weight). I do have lots of other stuff but that’s just going to be put in boxes and shipped to me when I have a permanent place to live. I guess it’s cause I have to help my Mom and she has tons of shit. I’ve learned to live light over these past few years. And the excess stuff I do have I can easily toss or give away if need be. I don’t want to do this anymore. I hate moving.


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So after not working in a coffee establishment with a certain particular set of rules for a while I thought I’d be okay working at another one with an even more particular set of rules. I’m not. We have to wear these dumb over shirts that look like they’re made of medical gauze. At least at the other place I could wear ties or sweaters and spice it up a bit. So seeing as I won’t be working there much longer I’m hyped on being able to get normal dressed everyday. I know that I can get dressed before or after work but there is no inspiration to get dressed for an hour train ride to then sit at home. And being back in NY means endless possibilities. I can’t wait. I’ve had every other day off recently and it’s been squandered because I’m moving and well there really is no point to wear anything other than dirty pants and a t shirt. Actually now the thought of having to get normal dressed everyday is starting to stress me out. As I was typing this I started getting a mini anxiety attack as I looked over at all my shoes. Okay now I don’t want to think about it.

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So I’m moving. Again. And in a month I get to move. Again. Our new place is actually in a convenient location in central San Jose with lots of crap around in a nice neighborhood. Our apartment building however is kinda ghetto. It looks like a dilapidated medical office building. And we don’t have doors. Only sliding glass doors. Thats the way it is for all the apartments. But the pool is literally 2 feet from my door. And the bathroom has been redone and is really clean and nice. I’m actually a little excited to be moving there. It gives me a chance to organize all my shit and get rid of what I need to before I move back to NY. It should at least be interesting.

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