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So I’m going to try and say this as non offensively as possible. I’m not trying to offend, just say. So I’ve noticed how a lot of “big” people will defend their size as being what’s “normal”. Sometimes I think that is a bunch of crap. For some people who might be a little overweight yeah, they may be at a normal, healthy size. But for a lot of people they defend it as being what most Americans are. That’s not a good idea seeing as we’re the fattest country. I think really we need to move away from the cop out of “normal” and move towards what is healthy and natural. Many countries whose populations don’t over eat and/or consume lots of processed foods are much more aligned with what are bodies should be like, which is why they are skinnier. I just get annoyed with people who don’t take responsibility for their lives and just make excuses. And yes, this was me making an effort to not be offensive.


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Okay so it’s been a while and I got caught up in moving and packing and all that fun. To give the abridged version I quit my job, packed my life into 2 pieces of luggage and hit the road. I’m currently in Phoenix. I spend 4 days in Southern California where I actually had a good time. I stayed with the original Vinh Paul Duy Ha and spent lots of time with Leah and Marlene as well. It was good times all around and am actually looking forward to the next trip out there. I arrived in Phoenix on Tuesday, where I have proceeded to party every night. I’m staying the the BFF Luis. He has a pretty fun group of friends, with whom he’s trying to convince me to stay until April when he moves back to NY. My flight back home to NY is next wed and I don’t intend to miss it, but who knows? Maybe I’ll be convinced to stay the winter in the desert. It really depends on whether or not I can get a job quickly after returning to NY. I don’t have very much money left so I guess we’ll see….. More tales of debauchery and fun to follow as my trip winds up. Although I am taking a break over the weekend because I’m spending it with my sister in Prescott. I get to see my Elora!! So hyped.

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