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so I’m preparing to get into super creative mode. I’ll be co-running an etsy shop as a start to work towards other stuff. it’s also an excuse to shop, take pictures, style, draw, and just do random stuff. I’m pretty excited actually. I’ll drop all the info when it’s up and running. we’re still trying to think of a name though. No ideas for that really. It’s just good to start doing things that I’ve been wanting to do for a while.


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So I started my weight loss regimen again. Though not as intense as the one I did when I was competing with the fatties at work I’m still being very strict with my diet. The big problem, however, is that I don’t have easy access to a gym. So I’m signing up for kung fu! I’ve been saying that I was going to get back into it for a while now but have put it off. This is for realsies. There are classes 7 days a week so I can get at least a few in. Plus I’m gonna look for a gym so I can start running again. I want to run a marathon this year and need to start preparing. I know there are a lot of guides online on how to prepare yourself. The one drawback about all this is that it’s 10 degrees outside (with a feel of -4 according to the weather channel). So no outside running yet. But by spring time I hope to have hit my goal weight and be mad sexy.

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So I’m hoping that I can see Jesus in a tortilla or pancake or something and create a shrine for it and get pilgrims to visit it for it’s amazing healing powers.

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So I took my first trip to AC yesterday. My friend had a free room so we got to stay free. It was pretty fun. I’ve never been to Las Vegas as an adult but I think I’d enjoy AC more. It’s smaller and definitely pretty ghetto but it’s on the ocean and there is a certain charm about it. Two great things happened while I was there. I got to play The Lord of the Rings slot machine! Didn’t win but whatever. And I got an amazing wolf t-shirt. You get to pick the color of the shirt then they print it there! Amazing. Might go again for my b-day and actually have some money to hit the blackjack tables up with.

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So one of the reasons I started this blog was to document my struggle and journey to better myself as a human. One of the biggest challenges is to be nicer. Let me explain. I’m a nice person. I like to do nice things for my friends and try to be a good person. But I can be really judgmental. It’s mostly in my head (I’ve been somewhat successful in not blurting out everything on my mind like I used to) it doesn’t come from a sense of superiority. I just comment on everything I see and I shouldn’t. So what is someone is really ugly or fat or wearing weird clothes? What’s it got to do with me? Live and let live. I’m trying it and I yell at myself as a way of trying to train my brain to stop reacting. But it’s just so hard! The world makes it so easy. And living in New York doesn’t help either. It’s a work in progress. The progress is slow but it’s still there.

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So I finally moved into my room and got it all organized. I don’t like it. I mean, I like my room and place but just not the lay out. I have nothing really in the way of furniture and I don’t have a window which makes everything seem closed off. It also has no perspective. So I think i’m going to make fake window. Curtains, windowsill, the whole thing. I’m going to paint a scene on canvas I think. And the fun part is they can be interchangeable so I can make my own outdoors view any way I like! I’m hyped on it. Now I just need some money somehow to get all this started.

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So I’m gonna search for a new job. My coffee job sucks horribly. I try to be nice to humans in general and I’ve been trying to change how I react to people in general for the better. Working in Queens Center Mall makes that near to impossible. I hate Queens. The people that I have to deal with are making my struggle for improvement a very difficult one. So I need out. It’s back to the craigslist.

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