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So I was cleaning up my computer and organizing and came across this gem circa 2004 when I was going to school at the Academy of Art Univ. in SF. I was drawing a pic on my friend Katie’s dormroom door. I still draw that chicken. I just drew it on a shirt as a matter of fact. Anyways this was when I had more hair and actually got it professionally done and all that. Pretend like you didn’t see a faux hawk on me though. Please.


Posted March 15, 2011 by skawalrus/Jeremy Christian in thoughts

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So I’ve realized I hate the idea of stability a little bit. I mean, I have to live in a state of mild chaos. I don’t know why. The idea of settling makes me very uncomfortable. This is an issue I need to meditate on. I know why I do most of the retarded things I do but this one escapes me a little. Maybe it’s my urge to be forever single? It sounds like a great idea, actually. Who knows.

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So I made up a word the other day. Well, maybe a month ago. Morbeast. I am a morbeast. It’s a noun describing someone who is morbidly obese. Hence, you’re Morbeast. I am one since I’m so fat. I need to join a gym because the once a week at most I get to skate (which has only been the past few weeks) isn’t cutting it. I’m dieting but that don’t work too well without the extra push on your body to burn the calories. Plus I just feel like running. Forrest Gump style.

Posted March 9, 2011 by skawalrus/Jeremy Christian in thoughts