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So the “reason” I started this blog was to publicly chronicle my journey of self improvement. Well, I haven’t been doing too good at either. I have lost a little weight and I’m trying to exercise more (without being able to go to a gym) but I still have evil thoughts. I’m also lazy and forget sometimes that I even have blog. It’s hard to change how you view the world. And maybe even harder to change how you react. One good thing I did though was hide some knives throughout my apartment in case anyone tries to break-in. Or for whatever emergency they may come in handy for. My roommates know where some of them are but I had to keep a few in special hiding spots that only I know. It wouldn’t be a very smart thing to try to rob me, especially if I’m here. Did I mention they’re throwing knives?


Posted May 12, 2011 by skawalrus/Jeremy Christian in thoughts

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  1. you’ve totally made progress…You can almost fight at King level on Civ Revolution!

    That is progress to me!

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