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So being 29 but working and existing around kids younger than me helps keep me young. I get to know all the hottest slang on the streets and hear only the finest in modern hip hop (thank you based god!) But I cant help but notice the growing gap between my generation and the youngsters. Being a child of the late 80’s and the 90’s and growing up in the silicon valley I of course am familiar and comfortable with modern technology. My generation created all the internet slang (unfortunately. Sorry world) that is pervasive with the youth and basically were the first to exist with it all as a necessity in life. However, i’m also old enough to remember life before everyone had the internet and cell phones. I remember rotary phones and actually sending letters to people. To get to the point at the skatepark today I had my manual slr camera out. Old school. Nothing even remotely digital on it. I was letting a kid use my skate tool and he saw my camera and said “ive never seen that camera before. Does it take videos?” It blows my mind that to him the possibility of a camera not being digital doesnt even exist. I had to explain to him that it didnt even use electricity (other than a small battery for the light meter.) I felt really old. Oh well, I’ll go listen to some based god freestyles so I know what the hell the kids are talking about with all this “swag” business.


Posted August 17, 2011 by skawalrus/Jeremy Christian in thoughts

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  1. i’m still singing songs from MJB “what’s the 411” and thinking I’m really cool. . .


    man, fuck the PO-lice

    i give up. . .

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