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I said something along these lines 2 posts ago but I’m going to say it again. Flyover states make me sad.


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So being 29 but working and existing around kids younger than me helps keep me young. I get to know all the hottest slang on the streets and hear only the finest in modern hip hop (thank you based god!) But I cant help but notice the growing gap between my generation and the youngsters. Being a child of the late 80’s and the 90’s and growing up in the silicon valley I of course am familiar and comfortable with modern technology. My generation created all the internet slang (unfortunately. Sorry world) that is pervasive with the youth and basically were the first to exist with it all as a necessity in life. However, i’m also old enough to remember life before everyone had the internet and cell phones. I remember rotary phones and actually sending letters to people. To get to the point at the skatepark today I had my manual slr camera out. Old school. Nothing even remotely digital on it. I was letting a kid use my skate tool and he saw my camera and said “ive never seen that camera before. Does it take videos?” It blows my mind that to him the possibility of a camera not being digital doesnt even exist. I had to explain to him that it didnt even use electricity (other than a small battery for the light meter.) I felt really old. Oh well, I’ll go listen to some based god freestyles so I know what the hell the kids are talking about with all this “swag” business.

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So its been a while. 3 months a while. I’m not going to say that it’s not going to happen anymore and that I’ll be more diligent with keeping up with this thing. That would be a lie. I have had somethings to say but I just haven’t. Oh well, what are you going to do?
One thing that has been bothering me lately, however, is how people can live in the middle of nowhere and be happy. Not tiny island in the middle of the ocean but random boring places like Kansas or Nova Scotia or Vermont. What do you do? How do you exist? I guess with the internets and all that nowadays we have the world at our fingertips and can order whatever items we want from where ever we want them whenever we want them. But still, what do you do for fun? What do you eat? I know a lot of people would just dismiss me as just being another New York snob (I won’t exactly deny it) but I’m being serious in my interest. I’ve met people from everywhere and when I question them about the little hometown in Iowa or where ever they’re from they’ll say something about how there is actually a really good scene for ______ there and it’s a lot cooler than it sounds. But I always counter with it maybe being good for there, but does it compare to NY? The answer is never yes. Now I’m not putting down any other places (except LA. fuck LA.) but I just don’t know how people live anywhere without the amenities of a major metropolitan area. Growing up in the SF Bay Area and living in NY I’ve been spoiled my whole life when it comes to that and I just don’t know how people exist. Just curious. More power to you though. Home is where you’re happy and if I could be happy in some little town on the coast of Maine I’d be writing how about how it’s weird that people live in big cities.

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So the “reason” I started this blog was to publicly chronicle my journey of self improvement. Well, I haven’t been doing too good at either. I have lost a little weight and I’m trying to exercise more (without being able to go to a gym) but I still have evil thoughts. I’m also lazy and forget sometimes that I even have blog. It’s hard to change how you view the world. And maybe even harder to change how you react. One good thing I did though was hide some knives throughout my apartment in case anyone tries to break-in. Or for whatever emergency they may come in handy for. My roommates know where some of them are but I had to keep a few in special hiding spots that only I know. It wouldn’t be a very smart thing to try to rob me, especially if I’m here. Did I mention they’re throwing knives?

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So I get that it’s only been spring for a few weeks now but I’m really ready for some warmer weather. Nothing too crazy just in the 60’s. I understand that me needing to skateboard and not wear a coat isn’t at the top of the priority list for baby Jesus but still. It’s not too much to ask. I’m tired of layers and coats. Time for t shirts.

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So I was cleaning up my computer and organizing and came across this gem circa 2004 when I was going to school at the Academy of Art Univ. in SF. I was drawing a pic on my friend Katie’s dormroom door. I still draw that chicken. I just drew it on a shirt as a matter of fact. Anyways this was when I had more hair and actually got it professionally done and all that. Pretend like you didn’t see a faux hawk on me though. Please.

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So I’ve realized I hate the idea of stability a little bit. I mean, I have to live in a state of mild chaos. I don’t know why. The idea of settling makes me very uncomfortable. This is an issue I need to meditate on. I know why I do most of the retarded things I do but this one escapes me a little. Maybe it’s my urge to be forever single? It sounds like a great idea, actually. Who knows.

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