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So I made up a word the other day. Well, maybe a month ago. Morbeast. I am a morbeast. It’s a noun describing someone who is morbidly obese. Hence, you’re Morbeast. I am one since I’m so fat. I need to join a gym because the once a week at most I get to skate (which has only been the past few weeks) isn’t cutting it. I’m dieting but that don’t work too well without the extra push on your body to burn the calories. Plus I just feel like running. Forrest Gump style.


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So on Friday it’s supposed to be 60 degrees. I know for a lot of people in warmer areas that’s kind of a so what at this time of the year. However for all of my fellow east coasters this is a godsend. It’s only for a day, and I work from 12-8, but I’m busting out the skateboard and shredding all morning long. The day after it drops like another 20 degrees and then a little snow on monday I believe. I’m taking advantage. I can’t wait. On a side note I cut my nails and it makes typing a lot easier. They weren’t that long but there is a definitely a difference.

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So I got a twitter. It’s not my first one. I got it when it first came out but never even twitted once, so I deleted it. But I got it again and for an actual reason. Since I’ll be doing the whole etsy thing I figure I need to social network some how. I do have this blog but I don’t even know who reads it since I’ve only told a few people about it. But yeah I need a way to keep people in the loop and what not so it got me a twitter. Find me! momjeansny. holla

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So finally after all the years I’ve been saying I was going to return to it I’m signing up for kung fu. It’s been too damn long since I was a practitioner and I miss it. I’ve let too many other things get in the way and honestly just been too lazy. But tomorrow morning I’m going. I sat in on a class and got so hyped watching it all. It’s exactly what I want from kung fu and I can’t wait. But I’m also a little nervous. I think it’s mostly from not meeting my own expectations since I’ve lost a lot of flexability and strength. But I need to do it. I’m going to be so sore at work tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I kinda wish I was in SF right now. The main reason is that I just watched a bunch of skating clips that took place in and around SF and as I look up at my skylight and see the “wintery mix” falling from the sky I wish I could be skating right now. I don’t even know what the weather is like in the bay area but I’m pretty sure there is no “wintery mix” of rain, ice, and snow falling in 20 degree weather. I love many things about NY, but this isn’t one of them. Spring is only 2 months away…..

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so I’m preparing to get into super creative mode. I’ll be co-running an etsy shop as a start to work towards other stuff. it’s also an excuse to shop, take pictures, style, draw, and just do random stuff. I’m pretty excited actually. I’ll drop all the info when it’s up and running. we’re still trying to think of a name though. No ideas for that really. It’s just good to start doing things that I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

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So I started my weight loss regimen again. Though not as intense as the one I did when I was competing with the fatties at work I’m still being very strict with my diet. The big problem, however, is that I don’t have easy access to a gym. So I’m signing up for kung fu! I’ve been saying that I was going to get back into it for a while now but have put it off. This is for realsies. There are classes 7 days a week so I can get at least a few in. Plus I’m gonna look for a gym so I can start running again. I want to run a marathon this year and need to start preparing. I know there are a lot of guides online on how to prepare yourself. The one drawback about all this is that it’s 10 degrees outside (with a feel of -4 according to the weather channel). So no outside running yet. But by spring time I hope to have hit my goal weight and be mad sexy.

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